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Eureka Landscaping & Tiling are an expert landscaping company based in Victoria, Australia that provide exceptional garden and landscaping services to domestic and commercial customers in Victoria and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about landscape design and creating beautiful, enjoyable outdoor spaces. We cater for all size jobs from small garden designs and face lifts to much larger projects.

It is our belief that the partnership and balance between soft and hard landscaping elements and how they can relate to each other that will influence the overall impact of the completed landscaping project.

Eureka Landscaping endeavour to create your dream garden space and we understand that for this, your input matters most. From the initial onsite consultation - we will listen to your needs and desires so that we can insure we can can create the ideal garden space for you.

Each job we undertake is different and we have found that each location has it's own unique aspect & opportunities to create an outstanding garden. Through our years of experience, we have found that every client has different expectations of their garden. For some it should be a pet friendly place, for others it needs to be a space designed for their children to enjoy the outdoors. Other customers desire a sophisticated space for outdoor entertaining. And whilst most want their garden to be low maintenance, some want it to be a space which they themselves can develop and nurture.

Whether you need a large garden design or a smaller, urban style garden we are here to help - whether your preference is for a contemporary, traditional, cottage, formal or classic style.

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